Dog Gone is a CatDog episode from season one. In this episode, Cat decides she wants some quiet time to myself, so Dog puts on "The Suit" if Cat finds out just how much she really misses Dog.


Characters Present:Edit

Cat (debut) played by Rob Paulsen

Dog (debut) played by Tom Kenny

Winslow (debut) played by Joe Alaskey

Clifford (debut) played by Tom Kenny

Shriek Dubois (debut) Slayed by Lewis Morford


Winslow fools Cat into thinking that Dog is smothering him, and it may not be that far from the truth. Dog constantly races garbage cars, and always provokes the Greasers. Cat finally decides to see what life will be like without Dog around, so she makes him wear a costume, that somewhere resembles the hind end of a cat. Cat at first feels pretty until guilt gets the best of him and she lets Dog out.


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