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*Every morsel, every crumb
*Every morsel, every crumb
*Eat it till your mouth is numb!
*Eat it till your mouth is numb!
*Trick or treat, smell my butt!
*Trick or treat, smell my butt, eww!
*Shovel sugar into my gut!
*Shovel sugar into my gut!
*Give me the candy motherload
*Give me the candy motherload

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CatDogula is a halloween episode from CatDog.

What happens?Edit

At the beginning, Cat and Dog are holding knives to carve a pumpkin.

CatDog get dressed up and Dog keeps on getting Cat's dressing up person's name wrong.

Cat says about his person: "DukaMooka is a two time olympic medalist and is the finest surfing champion"

Dog says about his costume: "I am Count Dogula!" (nothing important)

Winslow thinks Cat is dressed up as a hula girl and Winslow is dressed up as Elvis.

The news is on and Randolph talks about vampire cows.

Vampires are on their way....and they bit Dog! Dog is a vampire!

Cat keeps on putting garlic near Dog.

The other citizians of Nearburg turn into vampires...and Cat is not a vampire!

Dog tries to bite Cat but he doesn't.

A big garlic melted and the others are not vampires anymore!


  • CatDog: Trick or treat, smell my pits, feed me chocolate give me zits.
  • Wreck my teeth! Make me sick. Make me hurl a halloween brick!
  • Comb the country scour the town
  • Find all candy, wolf it down!
  • Every morsel, every crumb
  • Eat it till your mouth is numb!
  • Trick or treat, smell my butt, eww!
  • Shovel sugar into my gut!
  • Give me the candy motherload
  • Feed me junk till I explode!
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